Please arrange your accommodation on your own. We recommend that you check or TripAdvisor.

 You may find interesting some of the following hotels:

  • Hotel CENTAR (4-star)
  • Hotel PARK (5-star)
  • Hotel ALEKSANDAR (4-star)
  • Hotel LEOPOLD I (5-star)
  • VOYAGER B&B (3-star)
  • Hotel ZENIT (3-star)
  • Hotel MEDITERANEO (3-star)
  • CITY HOTEL VELIKI (3-star)


For budget options you may check the following hostels:


You can locate the above listed hotels and hostels on this map.

Important Dates

  •  submission of title + abstract:

29 February 2016

  • notification of acceptance: 

4 April 2016

  • camera-ready version of abstracts:  

11 April 2016


Invited speakers


Satellite events

9th Workshop Computational Logic and Applications - CLA 2016

EUTYPES COST meeting, May 25 - 26