Invited Speakers   

Simona Ronchi Della Rocca. Intersection Types for denotational semantics

Dale MillerMechanized metatheory revisited 

Simon GaySession Types: Achievements and Challenges


Book of abstracts - single file

Silvia Ghilezan and Jelena Ivetic, editors


TYPES 2016 Accepted Papers

Pierre-Marie PédrotGuilhem Jaber, Nicolas Tabareau, Matthieu Sozeau and Gabriel Lewertowski. The Definitional Side of the Forcing
Adam Sandberg Eriksson and Patrik Jansson. FLABloM: Functional linear algebra with block matrices
Thorsten Altenkirch and Nils Anders Danielsson. Partiality, Revisited
Aleksy Schubert and Pawel Urzyczyn. Answer Set Programming in Intuitionistic Logic
Paola Giannini, Elena Zucca and Marco Servetto. An imperative calculus for unique access and immutability
Marina Lenisa, Furio Honsell, Ivan Scagnetto and Luigi LiquoriOn the Set Theory of Fitch-Prawitz
Andrej Bauer, Gaëtan Gilbert, Philipp Haselwarter, Matija Pretnar and Christopher A. Stone. Design and Implementation of the Andromeda proof assistant